Watering Guide

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The following instructions provide general guidelines for maintaining and improving plant and lawn health, longevity and appearance. Properly watering all new plant material and transplanted material is the most important aspect to ensure survival. Applying too little or too much water will void your plant warranty, please follow instructions below carefully.

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perennials, annuals and groundcover.

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Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Annuals






Pruning Plants

Tip: Remember, the timing of pruning is critical. Prune flowering shrubs after blooming to prevent removing buds for new blooms.



Fertilizing plants promotes vigorous root growth, healthier foliage and more abundant blooms. Evergreens, flowering shrubs and ornamental plants should be fertilized 2 times per year.

Tip: Use a time released, granular fertilizer for best results.



Clean, treated, double shredded hardwood mulch is recommended.

Tip: Apply a bed pre-emergent product under the mulch prior to new mulch installation each year to reduce weed growth. Pull weeds as they emerge to prevent further pollinating of additional weeds.


Mowing Sod


Mowing a Seeded area

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