Lawn Mowing Services

B. Rushing Lawn Mowing Service is part of our six step Lawn Care Program serving the Northern Virginia communities of Arlington VA, Alexandria, Mt. Vernon, Arlington, Burke, Clifton, Fairfax, Fairfax Station, Lorton, and Springfield Virginia.

Although some people enjoy mowing their lawn, it just makes more sense to hire a professional to tackle that duty. Our professionally trained lawn mowers will cut the grass for you on a weekly schedule. Leaving you with one less task on your free weekends.

lawn care mowing arlington va

Our Mowing Service Includes:

• Lawn Mowing with top of the line professional lawn mowers •
• Edging around all flower beds, fences, paved areas, etc •
• Blow off all hard surfaces (driveways, sidewalks, porches, patios, etc.) •
• Available on a weekly basis only •
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Why is having my lawn mowed and edged regularly important?

Most home and business owners understand the importance of mowing and edging in regards to adding beauty and safety to their home but many do not realize the vital role it plays in the actual health of their lawn. One of the most important aspects of maintaining a well established lawn is mowing and edging on a regular basis. When grass is left uncut for extended periods of time, it allows weeds to mature along with the grass, allowing seeds to produce even more weeds. With a regular mowing regiment, it not only prevents these weeds from maturing and producing seeds but it allows the grass itself to flourish and assists in choking out the weeds for the nutrients the weeds needs to grow.

Another Important reason for having your yard mowed often and on a weekly basis, is how grass reacts when you cut it. With almost all species of grass in Northern VA, cutting off more than a 1/3 of the length of a blade of grass is very stressful to the lawn. We have all seen a lawn that has been left un-mowed for an extended period of time and when it is cut to a proper height, the grass will turn yellowish-brown. This weakens the grass severely and not only can stunt the lawn's growth, but can also leave it susceptible to diseases or fungus, which can be deadly for your lawn.

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Ordering lawn mowing services made simple. B. Rushing is a locally owned lawn mowing service company that provides affordable lawn mowing service at the click of a button.