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Landscaping - B. Rushing Lawn and Landscaping offers a wide range of landscape and garden services for residents of Arlington VA and Alexandria VA. Our projects focus on delivering effective, long term solutions that add beauty and value to your home. We select and install only materials that are proven and tested to meet our high standards. Our projects are installed with experienced installers using industry leading techniques to ensure a quality finished product. Prior to beginning the work we provide written guarantees and detailed specifications on how the project will be installed.

Gutter Cleaning - Gutters will be cleared of debris, flushed with water and debris will be removed from the property. Gutter areas must be safely accessible and have access to a hose and water. Gutter repairs and problems with leaders (downspout) and underground pipes are NOT covered under this plan.

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2 visit plans (spring, fall), and 4-visit plans spring, summer, fall, winter) are offered.

Annual Flower Installation - Summer and Fall annual flowers will be installed with 6 inch plant material, and Flowers will be installed in June and October. The soil will be cultivated, fertilized and mulched.

Fall Mulch Installation - Clean out beds, edge and define bed borders, install a fresh layer of premium mulch. We can supply black, brown, red and rubber mulch depending on your design criteria.

Compost Top Dressing - 1/2" layer of composted soil is applied to designated areas to enrich the soil during the seeding process. Service coincides with Fall Lawn Recovery months. However, it may be completed 1-2 days after Fall Lawn Recovery is completed.

Sprinkler System Maintenance - In the Spring, turn on and charge the system, check for leaks, adjust the heads and control box settings. Before Winter, blow out the system and prepare for winter months. We offer an optional summer visit to check head coverage and control box settings. Service repairs and system modifications can be made for an additional cost by request.

Drainage System Maintenance - This maintenance service is designed to preserve the integrity and of your draiange system and keep them operating efficiently. 2-visits will be provided each year (summer and winter inspections). We inspect and flush/clean with air or water to ensure the pipes and fixtures are operating as designed. We cut back grass, plants and debris from drainage entry and exit points to ensure proper capture and flow of water.

sprinkler repair northern va

Snow and Ice Removal - Our teams and equipment are prepared and ready to service your home quickly and thoroughly for each snow event. We send our teams out automatically, you don’t have to call and schedule with each event.

We send our teams out for each storm that exceeds 2” of accumulation to clear snow from your driveway, front porches, walkways, aprons and sidewalks. After clearing the snow, we apply an ice melt product.

**Upgrade Options are not offered as a standalone service.
They must be bundled with our Year Round Lawn Care Program.
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